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Mr Monkey in Ostende

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One morning Mr Monkey was reading his newspaper and found out that someone was leaving artistic installations on the beaches near Ostende. So he decided he'd go and have a weekend on the Flemish coast.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's visit to Ostende.

Manchester airport at 4am Arriving in Ostende Station and cathedral View and pier Looking at boats PMMK and streets By Seastar to Nieuwpoort (7 pages) Navigation buoy View from the buoy Shadow and vismijn Nieuwpoort monuments Nieuwpoort by night Ostende seafront by night View and beach Beach and Neptune Casino with astronaut Coastal tram to Nieuwpoort On the tram to De Panne The coastal tram Prince Leopold statue Carved boat and airborne banana Elephants on the beach Close to the elephants Elephants and sculpture Beached barge, Oostduinkerke Normandie and Le Peniche Fallen Sky in Nieuwpoort Giant turtle in Nieuwpoot Bands at Nieuwpoort Reclining Man, Westende Horses and Babies, Middelkerke Babies, Middelkerke Cartoon characters, Middelkerke Illuminated tree, Wenduine Tree and Ostende at night Ostende streets and ferry by night Domein Raversijde (23 pages) Dorpsstraat and Mariakerke Giant spider Ostende after dark Hippodrome and Thermae Palace Sculpture outside the Thermae Palace Red penguins at the Thermae Palace Leopold I statue and Royal Galleries Maritime memorial and pier Watching a ferry The end of the pier Trawler O.129 Amandine (9 pages) Outside the cathedral Inside the cathedral Going to the airport Flying home

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