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Mr Monkey in Ghent, September 14th

"It'd be more attractive without the crane and the building work, you know"

Mr Monkey on the Korenlei Mr Monkey looking up at the House of the Tied Boatmen

Mr Monkey scurried along the Korenlei. The Korenlei and the Graslei, on the other side of the canal, are the oldest quays in Ghent. They're lined with ornate buildings, though Mr Monkey thought the Korenlei was rather spoilt by some building work. Four of the houses, including the Gildehuis van de Onvrije Schippers (the Tied Boatmen, who had to transfer their cargoes into boats run by the Free Boatmen on the way into the city), are being converted into a Marriot hotel. They've got to preserve the facades, so it'll probably look better in a bit.

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