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Mr Monkey at St Bavo's Cathedral

"Let's see where they've hidden it now"

Mr Monkey in Vijd's chapel Mr Monkey looking around the south side of St Bavo's cathedral

On the south side of the apse Mr Monkey trotted into Vijd's chapel. This was where Flander's most famous altarpiece, The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, lived from 1432 to 1986, if you don't count the times it was hidden to save it from enemies like the 16th century iconoclasts, or borrowed without permission by Napoleon or Hitler. Now there's a high quality copy in the chapel. Mr Monkey left the chapel and set off to find the real altarpiece. As he did he marvelled at the construction of the cathedral, which seemed to be mostly stone for the pillars and arches, and brick for the bits in between.

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