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Mr Monkey at Tower Bridge, September 23rd

"They don't look totally safe up there, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at a poster for Beecham's Pills Mr Monkey looking up into the roof space of the South Tower

Mr Monkey studied an advert from 1894 attempting to link the newly built bridge to indigestion tablets, then scampered into the South Tower. Here he watched a film about building the bridge, and peered up into the roof to see some slightly ghostly mannequins at work. Only 10 of the 432 workers who laboured on Tower Bridge between 1886 and 1894 died during the work, which Mr Monkey thinks is pretty good for the ninteenth century.

Not including the machinery to make the bridge actually work, the following materials were used building Tower Bridge:

Concrete36,857 tons
Brickwork27,260 tons
Masonry30,000 tons
Granite paving & kerbs3,900 tons
Wood paving5,700 square yards
Footway paving9,500 square yards
Portland cement20,000 tons
Iron & steel11,300 tons
Cast iron1,500 tons
Total cost (parts & labour)£1,184,000

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