Mr Cat's Car

Mr Cat beside his little blue car Mr Cat driving his car Mr Cat attempting to overtake Mr Monkey

Mr Cat has long admired Mr Monkey's Frazer-Nash, and has wanted personal transport of his own. Mr Monkey took advantage of the recent Christmas festivities acquire a car for Mr Cat, though Mr Rik did have to do some things to it before it was ready for use.

Of course, Mr Cat's car doesn't have a powerful engine, but he can see over the dashboard, which is the main thing. And gravity can make it go quite fast.

General : Mr Cat's car was originally a mobile container for somewhat inferior candy covered chocolate discs, with the roof sawn off and lights painted on.
Seat : Grey foam board with thick card beneath it.
Canopy : Black foam board, with a bit of blue card for the rear shelf.
Steering wheel : Thin wire shaped around a Swedish 10 SEK coin and covered in black felt, with thin wire spokes.
Windshield : clear plastic, curved by the power of boiling water.

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