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While on holiday in Northumberland in May, Mr Monkey revisited the very shop in Alnwick in which he met Mr Rik and Ms Carol. Here he saw a number of fine looking cats, and he gave Mr Rik and Miss Carol no peace until they freed one for him. After a very short delay, Miss Carol gave in, hoping that having another creature to care for would give Mr Monkey a sense of responsibility. With the startling imagination the household is almost known for, the cat quickly acquired the name 'Mr Cat', and became Mr Monkey's faithful companion.

Sadly, while Mr Cat is an excellent cat, it has become apparent that he is a very impetuous creature indeed. Mr Monkey has noticed all too often that Mr Cat simply doesn't think things through. Only Mr Monkey's quick thinking saved Mr Cat from harm when he attempted to drive off in Mr Monkey's Frazer-Nash despite not being able to see over the dashboard, and there has been at least one potentially unfortunate incident caused by Mr Cat's mistaken but persistent belief that there are fish in the indoor water feature. Luckily, Mr Cat has not, as yet, sustained any injury. Except to his pride of course, and, being a cat, he is adept at pretending that he wasn't actually doing whatever went wrong.

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Mr Cat and his toys Mr Cat's fishing game Mr Cat in flight Mr Cat's imp suit Mr Cat's Christmas hat Mr Cat's car Mr Cat's train ride Mr Cat and his friend Mr Cat's fishy vase Mr Cat's friends in the South Mr Cat stalks a sheep Mr Cat looks at fish Mr Cat and the giant fish game Mr Cat's friends in Stockholm Mr Cat's personal fisherman Mr Cat's fishy disappointment Mr Cat's finally finds fish Mr Cat and another false fish Mr Cat goes sledging

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