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Mr Monkey visits the Florence Nightingale Museum, January 7th

"The bottles were probably full when she set off"

Mr Monkey looking at Florence Nightingale's chest of medicine bottles Mr Monkey looking at a tableau of the hospital at Scutari

Obviously a large part of the museum is about Florence Nightingale's time in the Crimea. When news of high British casualties in the early battles of the war got back to Britain, the Secretary of War wrote to Miss Nightingale asking her to organise the introduction of female nurses into the Barrack Hospital at Scutari; six days later she was on her way to the war. Mr Monkey examined the chest of medicine bottles she took with her, and looked at a life size display of part of a ward at Scutari. If you wait a little, the lighting changes to reveal another scene, with surgeons working on a injured soldier.

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