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Mr Monkey at Nether Alderley Mill, 17th May

"I thought there'd be a waterwheel somewhere"

Mr Monkey inspecting the penstock Mr Monkey watching water drain through a sluice

Mr Monkey finally found the upper water wheel, which is an overshot wheel. He inspected the penstock, which is where the water arrives into the mill. If he'd pulled the lever above the box, it would have opened a sluice and let water into the troughs on the wheel. Eventually the water would weigh enough to move the wheel, the wheel would revolve at 12 r.p.m., and all the machinery in the mill would be powered. When the sluice gate is closed, water drains through a small channel which bypasses the wheel. Mr Monkey didn't pull the lever, because he doesn't approve of letting water out.

You can see an animation of an overshot wheel at the Old Sturbridge Village website.

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