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Mr Monkey at Nether Alderley Mill, 17th May

"That's where they keep the water"

Mr Monkey looking at the outside of the mill Mr Monkey at the Nether Alderley lake

Next to the waterwheel, Mr Monkey found a door, so he scurried through to see what was behind the mill. Mr Monkey noticed that there was more roof on the front of the mill than on the back, and he found where the water came from. When the mill was first built, the builders couldn't help noticing that the stream they were building next to was very small. So they built a dam by extending the back wall of the mill, and enough water would collect during the afternoon and night to run the millwheel for eight hours. Sometimes that wasn't enough, and they ended up with another four reservoirs (Radnor Mere, Lady's Upper, Lady's Lower and Wood End) connected by sluices and storing water in case the mill needed it.

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