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Mr Monkey takes the Scarborough Flyer to York, 10th September

"A wireless really doesn't need streamlining"

Mr Monkey looking at a Chrysler Airflow car Mr Monkey looking at streamlined domestic appliances

Mr Monkey went into the National Railway Museum and scampered into the Great Hall to see the Streamlined exhibition, which is about the fashion for streamlining things in the mid-1930s. He started by looking at a 1934 Chrysler Airflow, a car which was innovatively designed at a time when most American drivers didn't want innovatively designed cars. Mr Monkey was less impressed by streamlined radios and vacuum cleaners because, in his experience, radios and vacuum cleaners don't more fast enough to need streamlining.

You can read about the exhibition at the National Railway Museum website, about the Chryslet Airflow at the How Stuff Works website and see adverts for the Chrysler at the John's Old Car and Truck Ads website.

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