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Mr Monkey takes a Mancunian Canal Cruise, 13th October

"We're on our way now"

Mr Monkey looking up at Beetham Tower Mr Monkey looking at the truncated Grocers Warehouse

The L.S. Lowry took Mr Monkey up a short spur of canal towards Deansgate. On the way Mr Monkey studied the Beetham Tower, Manchester's tallest building. The steel and glass blade on top of the tower, which apparently adds character to the building, had to have modifications made becuase it produced a nosie which gave people headaches and spoilt the soundtrack of Coronation Street. The boat started turning in front of the preserved facade of the lower parts of the Grocers Warehouse, designed by James Brindley in 1771. It used to be five stories high and loaded barges could sail right in through the canal level arches.

You can read about the tower at the Beetham Tower website and about stopping the strange sounds at the Rope Task website.

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