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Mr Monkey visits Fort York

"This is almost the oldest bit of Toronto"

Main gate Memorial area Brick Barracks Officers Barracks Officers rooms Officers mess Kitchen Cellars and strongroom Blockhouse Stone Magazine Circular Battery Cannon East Magazine Tecumseh Collective 1 Tecumseh Collective 2 Tecumseh Collective 3

Eventually, Mr Monkey arrived at Fort York, which was first built in 1793 by Simcoe, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, to defend against the threat from America. The first fort fell to bits, so they built a new one. In 1813 the Americans burned it down as part of the War of 1812, so they rebuilt it again, only better, so that when the Americans came back in 1814, they were driven off. Today's fort is more or less the 1814 version, but with a few buildings missing. The fort was originally on the shore of Lake Ontario, but now, without having moved, it's beside the Gardiner Expressway.

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