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Mr Monkey at the Gothenburg Maritime Centre, August 10th

When he'd seen the Gothenburg Maritime Centre from the ferry to Nya Elfsborg, Mr Monkey had decided he really wanted to visit. So the very next day, he took a tram down to Brunnsparken, went down to the quay, and scampered to the Maritime Centre.

Follow the links on the images below for more details of Mr Monkey's visit.

Fryken and Fladen from the quay Sölve and Gunhild from the quay Patrol boats 1 Patrol boats 2 Monitor Sölve Fardig and Herkules Boarding the Fryken Above and below decks Fryken bridge Leaving the Fryken Fladen lightship Lightship and fire float Fire float Destroyer Småland (10 pages) Boarding the Nordkaparen Inside the submarine Torpedo room Leaving the Nordkaparen
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