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Mr Monkey at the Bristol Industrial Museum

"Monkeys travel first class, even in a museum"

Mr Monkey looking out of a first class railway carriage Mr Monkey in front of the Wanderer caravan

Inside the museum, Mr Monkey decided he'd visit the Road & Rail galleries downstairs first. He examined the side of a broad-gauge railway carriage. This was built in 1849 for the Bristol and Exeter Railway, was repainted when the GWR took over the B&ER, and ended up as part of someone's cottage. Then he had a look at the Wanderer of 1883, the first purpose-built holiday caravan, commissioned by Dr W. Gordon Stables, author of The Boy's Book of Health & Strength and The Wife's Guide to Health & Happiness. Stables wrote many of his 150-plus books and stories while travelling in the two-ton Wanderer. The caravan's equipment included a sword, a coachman to do the driving, and a valet who rode ahead on a tricycle to warn other road users to be careful.

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