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Mr Monkey at Left Coast Crime 2006

"I suspect it's not really Isambard Kingdom Brunel"

Mr Monkey at the Mean Streets panel Mr Monkey watching someone dressed as Brunel

After his humans got up late and had a long breakfast, Mr Monkey spent most of Saturday in panels. Ray Banks, Charlie Williams, Allan Guthrie, Jason Starr and Donna Moore discussed the wisdom of walking the mean streets; Natasha Cooper, Thomas Rendell Curran, Jim Kelly and John Rickards considered the differences between cops, private eyes, and amateur investigators; and finally Steve Brewer, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Bill Fitzgugh, Stuart Pawson and Peter Guttridge wondered whether murder really was a funny old game. Between panels, Mr Monkey wandered in the hall outside the panel rooms, wondering if he could make off with Mr Brunel's top hat. He decided that Mr Brunel was there as part of Brunel 200, the year long celebration of Brunel being born 200 years ago.

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