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Mr Monkey in Chester, May 26th

"King Harold was more likely to play darts, probably"

Mr Monkey looking at a small chapel and an abandoned bowling green Mr Monkey looking at an arcade of trees in Grosvenor Park

Leaving the bridge, Mr Monkey scurried up a path outside the walls of Chester. He passed a small chapel, where, according to an unconvincing legend passed on by Gerald of Wales, King Harold lived after not actually being killed at the battle of Hastings. Mr Monkey suspects the bowling green was put there as part of some Victorian restorations, and that King Harold didn't play there. Further up the path, Mr Monkey turned off into Grosvenor Park, opened in 1869 on land given to the City of Chester by Richard, Second Marquess of Westminster. Mr Monkey spent a little time watching the grey squirrels frolicking around, then left the park.

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