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Mr Monkey visits Knaresborough Castle, 19th July, 2007

"It's a very clean shirt, considering"

Mr Monkey examining the Slingsby shirt Mr Monkey looking at the Royalist cushion

The last room Mr Monkey came to told the story of Knaresborough in the Civil War. Here he saw the 'Slingsby shirt' which was worn by Sir Henry Slingsby on the 8th June 1658, seven years after the war was over, when he was beheaded for trying to overthrow Oliver Cromwell and the Commonwealth by seizing Hull as part of a planned invasion by Charles II. Mr Monkey also looked at a cushion with slightly strange raised figures. This type of cushion was popular with Royalists while they waited for royalty to return. And then Mr Monkey left the Courthouse Museum and went to Harrogate.

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