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Mr Monkey in the Domein Raversijde, August 9th

"You only get a good view if you're next to the observation post"

Mr Monkey looking at a British submarine gun Mr Monkey observing the Raversijde beach

Mr Monkey scampered into the Domein Raversijde, an estate used by Belgian royalty when they fancied staying by the seaside, and by German occupation forces as a place to site coastal batteries in both world wars. Mr Monkey started his tour by inspecting one of the old estate buildings, and the deck gun of a British submarine sunk off Ostende. Then he scurried through some trenches, until he found an artillery observation post from the Great War. He stood next to it and watched landyachters scooting around on the beach below him, remembering his own day landyachting in Seahouses.

You can read all about the Domein Raversijde at the West Flanders website.

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