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Mr Monkey visits Prague Castle

"We're going to see it from close up now"

Mr Monkey had been catching glimpses of Pražský hrad (Prague Castle) all the time he'd been in the city, and he'd been driven up to its front gates, but he hadn't been inside. So he crossed the tramlines and started to investigate the castle.

Follow the links on the images below to see Mr Monkey's visit to Pražský hrad.

Belvedere and singing fountain Belvedere and viewing the castle Real Tennis Pavilion and Powder Tower Deer Moat and North Gate Castle Square 1 Castle Square 2 First Courtyard Second Courtyard Third Courtyard Cathedral of Saint Vitus (8 pages) Powder Tower Old Royal Palace (5 pages) St George's Square Basilica of St George Monastery of St George and Kafka's house Golden Lane and East Gate

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