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Mr Monkey in Malmö

Mr Monkey got up early one Thursday morning, to catch a flight from Manchester to Copenhagen. Then it was just a short train ride to Malmö, which is where he'd chosen to start his holiday.

Follow the links on the images below for more details of Mr Monkey's day.

Manchester airport Flying over Denmark Copenhagen airport Copenhagen airport station Oresundenbron Arriving in Malmo Malmo streets Malmo station Ferry Malmo harbour Harbour bridges Turning Torso Lilla Torget Eating Walking to Stortorget Town Hall Stortorget fountain Carl X Gustav Apothecary Stortorget Metalwork City Tunnel exhibition Walking in the rain 1 Walking in the rain 2 Stortoget by night Kockskahuset Slottsbron Scientific and Maritime Museum (16 pages) Fisherman's huts Commandant's house Malmohus castle (5 pages) Windmill Sculpture Rundan canal tour Streets Church Eating Train to Ystad Ystad Following Inspector Wallander (21 pages) Hotel exterior Hotel interior Hotel room Church Stortorget in the dark Stortorget fountain by nightStreets

After his long weekend in Malmö, Mr Monkey spent a week in Göteborg.

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